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No Longer Tap O' Noth 

Community Council

This site is being "mothballed" at the request of the Tap O'Noth Community Council. 

Anything published here is not directly associated with the Tap O'Noth Community Council. 

The Tap O'Noth Community Council have decided to revert to their old website. 

Next Meeting

Rannes Hall, Kennethmonth

Monday 6th June at 7:30pm.

All members of the community are welcome. Should any members of the public have any questions or concerns then we would ask them to send them as normal through this website. Members of the public are welcome at meetings although notice of any request to speak on community matters should be sent via this website at least 3 days prior to the meeting.

No form of recording is permitted during the meeting, without prior permission.

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Tap O' Noth Community Council

Privacy Statement

Tap O' Noth Community Council Privacy Statement. 

Tap on Noth Community Council (TONCC) retains some personal data in order to inform community members of items of potential interest and to deal with queries raised by community  members. Personal information may include details such as your name and e mail address or phone number. We do not however, retain a searchable index. Information retained as in letters to or from the public are only retained for as long as they are required in order to address the query. They are thereafter destroyed with no paper files retained unless with the authors specific permission. E mails are retained on our computer only for as long as relevant.
On occasion and in order to address a query from the public we may refer a matter to Aberdeenshire Council Departments or bodies such as the Police Service. In this event your permission will be sought first and the e mail “Blind Copied” to prevent e mail addresses being made available. The minutes of meetings of TONCC are public records and are archived and published on our website. We do not publish personal details other than the e mail addresses of the office bearers.

We are obliged to supply meeting papers to Aberdeenshire Council.

You have the right to get a copy of any information TONCC holds about you and may ask to have inaccurate information amended.

This Privacy Notice only covers TONCC’s website and we do not give guarantees about the accuracy or security of any other website you may access through a link on our site. If you visit other websites, you should read their Privacy Notices covering their use of your data.

TONCC is registered with the Information Commissioner

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